Ruslan Nikolaevich Shepel, vice-chairman of the Russian Society of Cardiology Young Cardiologists working group, chairman of the National Internet Society for Internists Young Scientists Section.
World Healthcare Students Symposium – 2015 (WHSS 2015)
17 – 22 November 2015 (Skopje, Macedonia)


Over the centuries the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia had been the part of various civilizations, empires, religions and cultures. During the long history it has been incorporating the best and the most exciting treasures. The citizens of Scopje – the capital of Macedonia –  are truly proud of the numerous cult places, as well as the museums, monuments, cathedrals, reflecting the outstanding and rich history of this country.

No one can remain indifferent when seeing the beauty of Scopje. If you ask a random citizen what kind of tourist attraction one should visit first of all, the immediate answer you receive will be «the Skopje Kale Fortress». On the Vardar River hilly shore in the very center of Scopje the ancient Venetian Kale Fortress is situated which represents the unprecedented symbol of this city and the оbject of national Macedonian pride. The first settlements date back to the IV century B.C., and the fortress itself, having been constructed during the Byzantine times in the VI century, occupies the vast geographic area, looking terrifying and impressive indeed. The fortress wall and some towers are still well-preserved, whereas the part of internal territory was devoted to excavations for archeological purposes. The constructure is situated on the high ground, from which the spectacular view of the Macedonian capital landscapes opens in front of you.  


The ancient Venetian Kale Fortress

The Kale Fortress  - view of Scopje 

The Fortress wall





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