For our partners


Russian Society of Cardiology is completing various projects aimed at development of the Russian science and practical cardiology, namely:


  • organizes and holds regional, national and international events with the purpose of data distribution of the most recent scientific and technical achievements in the world;

  • develops Russian and translate European clinical guidelines;

  • participates in development and introduction into practice of educational standards for cardiologists and related specialists as well as standards and protocols of cardiologic care in Russia;  

  • organizes, coordinates, and participates in scientific research projects;

  • takes part in development of doctor’s continuous medical education system, and by other means assists in improving the level of education of Russian medical specialists;

  • develops and submits proposals to interested state authorities and organizations, participates in the planning process for healthcare development in Russia;

  • completes public projects including those aimed at promotion of healthy lifestyle and health education to reduce cardiovascular risk in the Russian population.


RSC is inviting interested people and organizations to cooperation in the listed areas.


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