"Russian Cardiovascular Days". Professor Olga Bolshakova

2014-06-04 00:00:002459

Professor Olga Bolshakova, member of the scientific committee of the Global Educational Forum "Russian Cardiovascular Days"

Q: Tell us about processing the abstracts within the Forum organization.
A: After publication on www.scardio.ru information that doctors can present the results of their research work on the Russian Cardiovascular Days, we received more than 300 abstracts. After consideration obtained abstracts that corresponds with all requests were printed in digest that is enclosed to the Russian Journal of Cardiology. And the most relevant to the Forum's peculiarity projects will be presented on poster session.

Q: If the Forum is educational, then it is supposed to be directed on the young doctors?
A: Our goal wasn't to organize a forum for young researchers. Scientific program consists lectures on the actual modern cardiological problems and clinical recommendations of the most recognized foreign and Russian scientists. It should attract attention of all doctors conducting research and clinical work.
However, RSC keep its traditions alive and support young specialists: several young cardiologists received special grants for the participation in the Forum, and they had opportunity to present their work including on poster session.

Q: Is there any specific features of the Russian Cardiovascular Days?
A: Of course. Each plenary session is dedicated to particular significant cardiological issue discussed by two experts: one from the Russian Society of Cardiology and one from the European Society of Cardiology. Most of the sessions are built up on the discussion of the clinical review and latest recommendations. European and Russian specialists share their experience in research, clinical and educational practice.

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