Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the competition of clinical guidelines knowledge, which will be held in the format of clinical tasks decision.


For who?

For young cardiologists and physicians, members of the Russian Society of Cardiology.


How and where?

Battle of scholars will have two stages.

The first stage will be held on the site of Russian Society of Cardiology Registered teams solve clinical tasks listed on the site and take points for the correct answers. Three teams with the highest scores will come to the final.


The second stage will take place at the National Congress of Cardiology. Three teams will compete by answering questions from different areas of cardiology. Teams choose questions and its cost (the number of points for the correct answer of the question you can get) - the "cheap" questions are the humorous, the more complex task gives more points for correct answer.

An independent jury considers the degree of answers correctness and resolves disputes.

The team with the biggest score will be the winner of the Battle of scholars!


The prizes?

The team-winner of the Battle of scholars will be awarded diplomas and grants for a participation in the European Congress of Cardiology.





 The judges were appointed for the Battle of the scholars - 2016

 Teams that will continue to compete in the Battle of the scholars after the first round are defined




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