Dear colleagues!

Russian Society of Cardiology and Bayer announce a new competition of the scientific projects on pulmonary artery thromboembolia (PATE).

Research projects should promote increasing of therapy complience in patients and be dedicated to opportunity of implementation of the new methods in lowering the risk of venous thromboembolic complications recurrence in patients with PATE.

Applied projects must be realized in 6 months.

Final application must contain (one or several asects):

- development of routing of patients with PATE in the limited area (city/district/village);
- assessmnet of OAC therapy after acute PATE;
- assessment of doctors' complience to current guidelines within the secondary prevention after 6 months ACTH.

Applicants should:

- demonstratee current situation on organizing secondary prevention of venous thromboembolic complications recurrence in patients with PATE;
- show possible measures of improving the situation.

Projects can be implemented as:

- Phone add for patients to increase therapy compliance
- Phone app for medical specialists to increase therapy safety (responsible use of anticoagulants)
- Educational program for patients
- Telemedical project (app or website for online consultations)
- Online hub for docotrs to share the clinical experinece and complicated clinical cases discussion
- Routing algorithm for patients after PATE and its implementation into clinical practice
- Educational website for doctors to update the issues of patients after PATE / increasing of therapy safety
- Opening of anticoagulant office in clinic
- Other

Deadline for application - August 31, 2020.


Please send applications and questions at



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