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Timeshova Tatiana: cardiologist, sonographer of cardiac surgery Department of the Tver Regional chospital, PhD; Chairman of the Tver regional branch of the working group "Young cardiology"; member of Russian society of cardiology, Russian society of arrhythmology, ESC, EACVI HIT.

Anatomia fundamentum medicinae est


Working as a cardiologist, I used to have a desire to come to the Department of anatomy to my teacher and to revise the structure and topography of the heart in detail. Time went on, but I could not find time to do it.  Later I became a sonographer and the need for strong anatomical knowledge became even more important.
In 2013, during a visit to the 5 all-Russian Congress of arrhythmologists, held in Moscow, I was lucky enough to get to clinical and anatomical workshop on electrophysiological anatomy of the heart and embryology of the cardiovascular system. To my great pleasure at this Symposium, I didn't only remember the "forgotten old", but also discovered so many new aspects of the structure and function of the heart!!! 


The originality of the programme is in the combination of the detailed knowledge of embryology, anatomy, electrophysiology and surgery in one unit, and then you have the  opportunity to see all the anatomical structures on the preparation of the heart and can try to perform arrhythmic procedures. This is extremely important for endovascular surgeons, as all methods of visualization in the operating room are indirect, that requires a very good knowledge of anatomy, morphology and their variability. Although the Symposium is focused on the electrophysiologists and surgeons primarily, it provides an opportunity to get advanced  knowledge required for the cardiologists and, especially, for the sonographers in every day practice.