Scientific secretary of the Information technology section in cardiology (Russian Society of Cardiology). Deputy chairman of the working group «Young cardiologists» (Russian Society of Cardiology). Head of the continuous medical education committee (Russian National Internet Society for Internists).


Can you imagine your life without the television? Difficult, isn’t it? And without the Internet? - Even more difficult ... And without both? - Generally isn’t a life, and the sting of hunger for information, the most people says.

But some 15-20 years ago, the owner of the bulky black-and-white monitor with an incredibly buzzing system unit was a sorcerer, wielding the magic of movement in the global information space.

The modern life, with its speed and huge flows of information required of new combinations of different technologies in the field of communications. So there was Internet broadcasting, united the main advantages of television and the global network. It should be noted, these communication systems perfectly complete each other: video signal of excellent quality is transmitted at high speed anywhere in the world.


Naturally, the possibility of a new broadcasting technology immediately became very popular. Specialists of different professions can now quickly discuss and decide on various levels emerging problems, without going into long-term and, to hide, expensive trips. Events of various ranks are broadcast live, and thousands of participants, while in Russia or abroad, thousands of kilometers away from the conference hall, not only can watch the program on-line, but also to make their reports to call, chat.

In our country, one of the leading companies that use new digital technologies in their work, you can call the National Internet Society of Internal Medicine Specialists. It is not because I'm heading here, the Continuing Medical Education Committee. In fact, our company for several years has accumulated considerable experience in broadcasting, recording specific video programs for health professionals, there is a huge video archive of lectures with the participation of famous speakers - academicians, professors - allows any physician to find the necessary information, the amount of which is constantly and rapidly growing. See for yourself: registered new pharmaceuticals, improved algorithms and methods of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation of patients. Of course, the physician would have to keep abreast of innovations. It is not easy, given the huge strain on the workplace, but on the other hand - the result of the treatment, and often the life of the patient depends on level of physician’s education.  






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