Italian Society of Cardiology (Società Italiana di Cardiologia)


SIC is the oldest Society of Cardiology in Italy. At present membership is formed mainly by cardiologists involved in clinical activities, cardiologists working in teaching hospitals (Full Professors, Associated Professors, etc),  cardiologists  operating  in  interventional  cardiology,  research  fellows,  residents  in  cardiology,  fellows, nurses and by people working in the different research fields of cardiovascular diseases.

The main goal of the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC) is to promote basic and clinical research and good clinical practice in cardiology throughout the community of Italian cardiologists and working groups.

Italian Society of Cardiology has some priorities:
- to improve its efforts in the field of cultural activities like the diffusion of the latest results of clinical and experimental trials which have direct impact in changing the clinical practice;
- to  adapt  teaching  curricula  of the “Cardiology  Specialization  Schools”  in order  to  prepare  in the  best possible way the cardiologists of tomorrow;
- to adapt and diffuse at the national level the Guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology;
- to harmonize activities of other Scientific Associations interested in selected fields of cardiology in order to improve treatment in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Official website
Annual Congress will be held in Rome on 11–14 December 2015 at Rome Cavalieri Hotel.

SIC Board 2015-2016
Francesco ROMEO - President
Matteo DI BIASE - Past President
Giuseppe MERCURO - President Elect
Livio DEI CAS - Vice President
Mauro BORZI - Secretary
Pasquale PERRONE FILARDI - Treasurer

Francesco BARILLA’
Carmine Dario VIZZA

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