Cyprus Society of Cardiology


The history of Cyprus Society of Cardiology (CSC)
The CSC was founded in 1977. It is run by a board of directors which consists of 9 members and its term runs for 2  years. There are currently around 160 members. CSC is the recognized scientific body in Cyprus in the field of  cardiology and has been a member of the European Society of Cardiology since 1980, the International Society of  Cardiology since 1981 and is a founding member of the Cyprus Cardiology Foundation (1991).

Society includes 8 working groups. Over 15 scientific meetings/lectures are held every year either by the Society or under its auspices.

Objectives of the Cyprus Society of Cardiology:
The main objectives are educating its members as well as the medical profession as a whole on cardiovascular disease. Achieving  excellent scientific and professional conditions for its members.

Board of Directors  2012 – 2014
President - Dr L. Antoniades
Vice-President - Dr G.M. Georgiou
Secretary - Dr C. Makrides
Assistant Secretary - Dr I. Stephanou
Past President - Dr P. Agathangelou
Treasurer - Dr M. Ioannides
Board Members - Dr J. Moutiris
                Dr. S. Antypas
                Dr C. Christou

“Cyprus Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine” the Cyprus Heart Journal is published by the CSC. The journal includes  original work by CSC members. For further information and to access our current and past issues please visit

Cyprus Society of Cardiology
P.O.Box: 27010, 1641 Nicosia Cyprus
Email: ;
Tel: +357 22 713780
Fax: +357 22 869 744

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