Russian National Congress of Cardiology 2014

Kazan, Tatarstan, 23 September - 26 September 2014


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On September 24-26 in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatartstan, the annual Russian National Congress of Cardiology was held. 3,913 delegates from 191 towns and cities of Russia and 186 foreign participants from 25 countries attended the meeting.


A comprehensive and challenging scientific programme listed 170 scientific sessions within 4 congress days and included lectures by the leading Russian specialists and the first-class European and American experts, among them: Professor Fausto Pinto, President, and Professor Panos Vardas, Immediate Past-President of the European Society of Cardiology, Professor John Cleland and Professor Keith Fox, ESC Board member Professor Ian Graham as well as presidents of national cardiac societies from France, the Netherlands, Finland, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia (FYROM), and Lebanon.


During the Congress, a meeting between the Russian Society of Cardiology Board representatives and ESC President Professor Fausto Pinto and Immediate Past President Panos Vardas was organized to discuss further collaboration between RSC and ESC. The decision was made to consider an opportunity of holding a biennial ESC educational meeting “Saint-Petersburg Cardiology Highlights”. In addition, the Leadership Meeting of ESC and RSC Boards in June 2015 was discussed.


In the framework of the Russian National Congress of Cardiology 2014, a meeting with the students of the Kazan State Medical University and the Russian and European distinguished professors was organized. The students had an opportunity to listen to a lecture by Professor Panos Vardas and participate in a challenging discussion of a rare clinical case with Professor Keith Fox. President of the Russian Society of Cardiology Professor Evgeny Shlyakhto gave a short talk on innovations and translational research in Cardiology. The meeting was both very interesting and extremely important, as successful communication with young specialists is one of the priorities for the Russian Society of Cardiology.



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