Working Group of Young Cardiologists

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  • "Rational medication in cardiovascular diseases" 

International medical forum of young researchers

​26 June 2014


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  • 2-3 April 2014
II Scientific and Educational forum of young cardilogists: School of young reseracher
  • 4-5 April 2014
CARDIOVASCULAR ACADEMY XVI on Cardiovascular Risk Management & Cardiovascular Prevention
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  • 11-13 April 2014

CARDIOVASCULAR ACADEMY XVII Peripheral Arterial Disease Update 2014

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September 21, Moscow
Cardiovascular Academy Autumn 2013
"Managing Patients with Increased Cardiovascular Risk"


September 25-27, 2013, St. Petersburg

Young cardiologists competition
Master class of the International Atherosclerosis Society and the National Society of atherosclerosis for young researchers. The art of presentation in English
Symposium "Young cardiologists: Innovation and high technology in clinical practice"


October 5-10, 2013

Residential School of young cardiologists: epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases


November, 1. 2013, Samara
Clinical case presentaion

November 15, 2013, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

I Eurasian Forum of Young Cardiologists

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October 3-5, 2012

Russian National Congress of Cardiology

Symposium of young cardiologists working group, 25 poster presentations. Educational Symposium "How to be successful in the galaxy of the European Society of Cardiology," which was attended by President of the ESC Professor Panos Vardas, President-elect Professor Fausto Pinto, chief of European heart journal Professor Thomas Lüscher.


August 25-29, 2012

European Congress of Cardiology

Meeting of the ESC Cardiologists of Tomorrow, an extensive program of ESC Cardiologists of Tomorrow in the agenda of the Congress


June 1-2, 2012

I International Scientific and Educational Forum of Young Cardiologists "Cardiology: from present to future"

 Impressions, results, perspectives

I International Scientific and Educational Forum of Young Cardiologists "Cardiology: from present to future took place in Samara June 1-2, 2012. It was the first event not only in Russia but in Europe: the European group of young cardiologists ESC Cardiologists of tomorrow, founded in 2009, organized some scientific and practical sessions during the European Congress of Cardiology and regional conferences before this forum. The idea of organizing a separate international event was born and has been successfully implemented in Russia.


Competitions for young scientists or individual session are usually conducted as part of the congresses and conferences, so only few scientists have opportunities to make an oral report. A separate forum was organized with an aim of accommodation of large number of young cardiologists from around the country. Participation in the Forum is an opportunity to present scientific and practical achievements at serious international level, to develop presentation skills, to discuss findings with experts and colleagues, to talk informally with leading national scientists and with young colleagues from other cities and countries. We hope that this will become a launching pad for young cardiologists for presenting the results at large international conferences abroad.


Working group of young cardiologists of Society of Cardiology of Russian Federation was established in 2010. During time existing we made a number of different activities: Internet Schools, Session of clinical cases at the National Congress of Cardiology etc. Forum of young cardiologists, of course, was the largest and most significant event in the history of the working group.

The idea of organizing the Forum belonged to D.V. Duplyakov who is the main cardiologist of the Samara region. He has offered to make this event in Samara - in the heart of Russia. We thought it was right to move this event outside of Moscow and to provide an opportunity for young cardiologists from the Volga region to participate in the forum.

We prepared the forum for 10 months. Forum concept was developed according maximum opportunity for young cardiologists to make a presentation. The concept included the scientific sessions, practical sessions with the presentation of clinical cases, moderated poster sessions, as well as a day of meetings in English. The scientific committee consisted two parts: the leading scientific experts and Youth Committee, which took an active part in the scientific program. Youth Scientific Committee included active members of the young cardiologists Working Group who have already established themselves as regional leaders and have achieved certain results in scientific work.

Format of the sessions

was generally as follows: Chairs included 1-2 experts and 1 young cardiologist; reports were 1 presentation of an expert with the description of the problem and 4-5 of young specialists. Reports of young cardiologists were selected by 3 independent experts on five parameters on the basis of the final score.

Preliminary work included negotiations with the government of Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation and the European Society of Cardiology.

Who supported us

Forum was supported by the Presidium of the Society of Cardiology of Russian Federation. The promotion of scientific and practical development of young cardiologists is becoming one of the vectors of the strategy for the society. The forum was attended by the President, Academician of RAMS E.V. Shlyakhto, by two vice-presidents and by members of the Presidium of the Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation, and this is an indicator of a serious attitude of society to young colleagues.

Young cardiologists Working group of the Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation is part of the movement ESC Cardiologists of tomorrow, so the support of the European Society of Cardiology is not accidental. Forum is widely announced by European Society of Cardiology; information about event was placed on the site of the society and was sent to the all National Societies members of the European Society of Cardiology. The Forum was attended by representatives of the European Society - members of the nucleus ESC Cardiolgists of tomorrow Stephane Zuily (France), Janine Poss (Germany) and Chairman of the young cardiologists of the Czech Republic Michal Pazdernik.

Local Organizing Committee and the Administration of Samara State Medical University did a great preparatory work.


There were fears that young cardiologists outside of Samara could not find opportunities for a trip at the forum. Fortunately, they did not materialize. The Forum was attended by 436 cardiologists from 8 countries (Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan). Cardiologists from 25 Russian cities came to Samara, and did not only from the Volga region, but also from Chita, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Syzran, Ufa, Tyumen, Kemerovo, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Syktyvkar, Uhta etc.

The scientific program

The scientific program of the forum included a plenary session, three sessions in English and 18 sessions in Russian. The spectrum of the issues was very broad from genetic studies in cardiology and noncoronary myocardial diseases to the prevention and epidemiology.

Rector of the Samara State Medical University G.P. Kotelnikov and the Deputy of Minister of Health and Social Development of the Samara region S.I. Kuznetsov took part at plenary meeting. President of the Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation Academician of RAMS E.V. Shlyakhto presented an overview of the translational medicine achievements.

The chosen format of sessions (a combination of reports of experts and young cardiologists) was very successful; all sessions were accompanied by a lively and informal discussion. It was interesting to all cardiologists: young scientists listened to leading scientists and received an evaluation of work; experts saw achievements of young colleagues, their points of view on the problems, etc.

Session in the English language attracted great interest, there young cardiologists from Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine took part. English language was not an obstacle for either speakers, auditorium or for an active discussion.

Interaction with the European Society of Cardiology

There was a joint table of the young cardiologists Working Group and representatives of nucleus ESC Cardiologists of tomorrow during the Forum. A French cardiologist Stephane Zuily, who is the founder of the movement of young cardiologists in Europe, came to Samara. Participants of the round table informally discussed the further integration of young Russian cardiologists in the European scientific and educational space. European cardiologists have described the possibilities presented to young professionals: the removal of the registration fee at the European Congress, grants for young professionals, a special scientific and practical program etc. European cardiologists took an active part in the discussion of prospects for the Russian group of young cardiologists.

Perspectives of the young cardiologists Working Group

This forum, of course, gave a powerful impetus to the development of the movement of young cardiologists in Russia. Young cardiologists took ideas, advice and opportunities to further developing of scientific and practical activities.

Young cardiologists are supported by the board of Russian Society of Cardiology; new awards were established for young scientists. A special reduced registration fees at the Russian National Congress 2012 were introduced. Young cardiologists will be involved actively in translating and preparing for publications of the recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology.

We want to involve active young cardiologists from regions in the management of the working group, developing of strategy for future, organizing researches, assistance in finding and obtaining grants etc.


For support and participation in the forum: President of the Society of cardiology of the Russian Federation Academician of RAMS E.V. Shlyakhto, vice-presidents of the Society of cardiology of the Russian Federation S.A Shalnova., A.S. Galyavich, board member of the Society of cardiology of the Russian Federation A.O. Conrady, Executive Director M.M. Yusupova, Director of the social programs A.A. Tanicheva.

For the organization of the forum: the rector of Samara State Medical University G.P. Kotelnikov, protector N.N. Kryukov, the main cardiologist of the Samara region D.V. Duplyakov.

For support and dissemination of information concerning the forum in Europe: president-elect Panos Vardas, vice president Pinto Fausto, responsible person for the program of ESC Cardiologists of tomorrow Marie Tesseron, the European Society of Cardiology as a whole.

For participation in the preparation of the scientific program and organizational work: L.Y. Drozdova, S. Garkina, D.I. Kurapeev, M.V. Menzorov, A.M. Malysheva, A.G. Polupanov, O.P. Rotar, L.I. Syromyatnikova, P.A. Shesternya, E.L. Shkolnik.

For the Forum providing: Company MICE Partner, Director of the company Anna Repina.


October 11, 2011

At the National Congress of Cardiology 2011 there was scientific-practical session of the working group “Step into the Future: Clinical Practice of Young Cardiologists".  There was a competition of clinical cases among the members of the working group, the three top clinical cases were presented on the National Congress of Cardiology, 10 cases  were published in the Russian journal "Clinician",  10 finalists have been fully compensated for the arrival and accommodation in Moscow.


June 3-4, 2011, Bishkek

4th Congress of the therapists of the Kyrgyz Republic (joint competition of young scientists).


June 7, 2011, Moscow

2nd Online School of young cardiologist: arrhythmology.


March 5, 2011, Moscow

 1st Online School of young cardiologist "Preventive Cardiology: lowering of cardiovascular disease risk and complications in daily clinical practice».


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