But of course grant is not all!


Tip 3 Be prepared to invest in your education

Grants are rarely comprehensive and cover all possible costs. You have to look for additional sources of funding, and sometimes it can be your own.


My grant for LSE course includes only training, all other expenses such as accommodation, transfer and so on in London (2 weeks 2 times per year) are not included. Two weeks in London are costly! But there are a number of possibilities. 1. Ask for an additional grant in the same / different place (it is easier to find additional money if you have basic grant)) 2. Ask the director or manager of your institution,  it is also much easier  to get some additional money if you have already main grant (of course whose who works in the research / university centers have more chances than those who works in clinic). 3. Pay yourself.

Investments in yourself and in your own education will always return to you in future in different forms (better positions, better salary, more opportunities and so on).

What was the application procedure for course and for grant?

It was on-line procedure which included number of steps; all are described on the link below:


Enrol at the following link: https://evision.lse.ac.uk/urd/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app&code1=ONLINEAPP&code2=0002


Information on the application procedures can be found here:




Clody London (but green and flowers)

Cloudy London


And finally, on the 6th of December I came to London!

London was cloudy, but very elegant. Leisure time was very limited because of intensive studding with home tasks. And most of it spend just t walking on the streets, enjoying  pre-Christmas atmosphere of this wonderful city.