What is this program, and where it came from?


In 2013, the European Society of Cardiology established a European heart academy whose mission is to train future leaders in the field of cardiology and reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in general. This academy is organizing a joint programs with the best universities in Europe on hot topics in cardiovascular medicine (with academic degrees in the end).


European Heart Academy - Drive the future of cardiology! (flyer)


In the recent 2 years European heart academy established three interesting courses, one is my  in LSE and two others are:

1. Postgraduate course in heart failure - certificate of advanced studies (with the University of Zurich (Switzerland)

2. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Cardiac Arrhythmia Management (DAS-CAM) (with a university medical center in Maastricht (Netherlands)

New application period will start  in January 2016, the details can be found on the link below:



Tip 1 Try a little learn from abroad, at least for a short course.

Why? It can broaden the mind and changes many points of view. You can understand that there may be different views on the same problem, including completely opposed, and all of them may be true, if the people watch from different circumstances.


LSE Library

My LSE group from  26 countries  (I am in the middle in black)


Just imagine that our course includes 39 people from 26 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. These countries have different health systems, different economies and cultural features. Topics sessions were not only discussed with the teacher, but also refracted through the prism of these during discussions, and you can see all the diversity of the world and learn not only a teacher but also from other students.



How to get such training programs?


I can imagine now the roar of the indignant readers “It is easy to give advice: go for the course abroad. But where I will get money?"


Tip 2 Search for grants and apply for them.

Again, I can foresee a number of objections: grants concurrence is huge! And now the situation is very complicated!

This is not so. Such view is an excuse for the lazy.


I cannot tell you about all grants, but in ESC grant programs ESC, for example, competition is not so big - 2 – 3 persons per one place. It is really good chance! And Russians receive grants! It is not only about me, but about several more people just in several recent years.

And ESC has scholarships for European heart academy courses. Once again, check web-site link!