At the meeting the experts in the field of thrombosis such as J. Morais, M. Cattaneo, J-P. Collet, J. Wojta, R.F.Story, D.Sibbing et al., whose articles are published in leading European journals and names are included in the lists of main participants of the largest randomized trials, gave reports.

A lot of questions about state-of-the-art antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy, prevention, platelet function and plasma hemostasis estimation, genetic and biological markers of its disorders, the pathogenesis of venous and arterial thrombosis were discussed in the sections. Young cardiologists and hemostasiologists presented interesting clinical cases from their own practice.

The studies aimed to investigate cellular interactions, platelet potentiation of inflammatory processes caused the particular interest in addition to new publications which prove the fact that  platelet is an active participant of inflammation.

All presentations were very interesting and topical, we got current information on arterial and venous thrombosis, its diagnostic and treatment, met with the experts involved in research on related topics. What is more, the fact that our poster was awarded a grant as one of the best, inspired to further efficient work.

In the evenings we with foreign colleagues were getting acquainted with a homely Italian town at the root of the Alps, taking the walk by the lake, looking at the mountain peaks. We managed to visit Villa Olmo and a small exhibition of contemporary art, to ride a boat around Italian villas, situated along the shore, to climb by cable-railway to one of the mountain peak for a bird's-eye view of Como with the Duomo in the main square. Also we made a trip to the nearby town Bellagio with its narrow cobblestone streets, Catholic churches and gardens and parks with incredible beauty.

The working trip finished quickly, forsook pleasant memories and inspired for further work.

I would like to thank my supervisor - prof., PhD, head of the therapeutic department of PEI, KrasGMU, Yriy Isaevich Grinshtein, Vice-Rector of research work, KrasGMU - prof., PhD Marina Michaylovna Petrova and the rector of KrasGMU - prof., PhD Ivan Pavlovich Artyukhov for the opportunity to obtain a memorable experience and for financial possibility to visit the summit.

P.S. This year, the summit will be held in London, abstracts submission deadline is the middle of June. There is also a conference for experts in the field of platelets - EUPLAN, which will be held in Bad Homburg, Germany, the abstract submission is open now. So, if you wish – dare!   


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