Teams that will continue to compete in the Battle of the scholars after the first round are defined

2016-06-11 00:00:002334

19 teams from 17 Russian regions took part in the first lap of the competition "Battle of the scholars-2016". They were asked to answer 7 questions on the ECG interpretation, solve the clinical case and find a correct answer to the question on the history of medicine. The judges chose 8 teams that shown the best results. These teams are:
1. Simbircit (Ulyanovsk)
2. Action potential (Yoshkar-Ola)
3. Samarian cardiologists (Samara)
4. Lege Cordis (Astrakhan)
5. Cardio landing (Krasnodar)
6. Heart Team (Saint-Petersburg)
7. 220 Volts (Moscow)
8. Chelyabinsk meteorite (Chelyabisk)
We sincerely congratulate the teams!

The second round will consist preparing own clinical cases (in Russian). Each team must send at a real case from their clinical practice in the form of the task with illustrations (ECG results, CT or MRI scans, lab results etc.) before July 10, 2016. The second lap of the competition will define only three teams that will take part in the finale of the Battle of the Scholars on the RSC Congress in Ekaterinburg in September. Finalists will be announced on August 1, 2016. Good luck!

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