RSC Congress - Interactive cardio-quiz on imaging "Your own game"

2016-09-25 00:00:001888

On the last day of the Russian National Congress of Cardiology there was held an Interactive cardio-quiz on imaging "Your own game" led by Simon Matskeplishvili. This event gathered a huge audience as it was interesting not only to young specialists but also experienced cardiologists as well.
Each participant from the audience could check their knowledge and answer on their own if all the teams were wrong. In the end participants and the most active viewers got memorable presents.
The team "Experts" won the quiz in the intensive but fair competition. The team "Young Cardiologists" took the second place and the team "Erudites" made it third.
All participants mentioned a very warm and friendly atmosphere on the quiz and thanked presenter and organizers for this opportunity to show their skills and knowledge of imaging in cardiology.

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