MMM19 in Ulyanovsk

2019-06-03 00:00:00677

Ulyanovsk as many other Russian cities joined May Measurement Month in 2019. Annual global initiative was supported by the Ulyanovsk Regional branch of the Russian Society of Cardiology.

MMM19 was launched in the city by opening of the special public health corners - Cardio forces and Take care of your heart. Young cardiologists tested blood pressure of visitors of the shopping malls, pharmacies and other public areas as well as participants of the 54th Scientific conference "National projects - priority of healthcare development in regions" that took place in Ulyanovsk on May 16-17, 2019.

After checking BP doctors talked to people giving advices on prevention and correction of cardiovascular risk factors. A lot of people wanted to have a screeening: more than 170 people participated in MMM19, and the action is still going!

Only knowing about the problem of arterial hypertension we can succeed in treating and preventing it!





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