Happy New Year!

2021-12-28 00:00:00404

Dear members of the Russian Society of Cardiology!

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

On behalf of the Board of the Russian Society of Cardiology and on my own behalf, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Let me express my most sincere gratitude for your selfless workduring the epidemic, for your enormous contribution to the work of the Russian health care, which made it possible to save and prolong tens and hundreds of thousands of lives.

In 2021, the history of the Society was marked with an important event: we elected new members of the Board and Presidium, elected vice presidents and the president, made fundamental decisions to improve the efficiency of work and strengthen the authority of regional branches, working groups and councils. I sincerely thank you for your energetic support and unanimous approval of the chosen course for the further development of our society as the leading medical professional public organization of the Russian Federation.

In the coming year we will have to significantly intensify educational, organizational and methodological activities, and radically transform information policy. It is impossible to achieve these goals without your active, motivated participation, and I ask you to fully support and fill this work with real deeds.

Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your contribution to our common work and wish that the New Year will bring you new professional achievements and creative successes.

With all my heart I wish you and your loved ones health, peace, happiness and prosperity!

President of the Russian Society of Cardiology
Academician of RAS
E.V. Shlyakhto

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