A Publishing Coordinating Committee was established

2017-12-18 00:00:001304


The Committee is aimed at combining joint efforts in the work of the Council of Cardiology Journals.

The Council of Cardiology Journals consists of the leading cardiology editions:

"Arterial hypertension"
"Russian Journal of Cardiology"
"Heart failure"
"Rational pharmacotherapy in cardiology".

Within the Russian National Congress of Cardiology held in October in St.Petersburg, the Council has signed the Charter of Good Editorial Practice. The aim is to develop and support the unified high standards of publishing the leading cardiology journals, to reduce factors that block integration of the Russian cardiology to the world scientific community and to create opportunities for spreading the accurate, clear and impartial scientific knowledge.

The RSC Publishing Coordinating Committee will include two representatives of each journal.

In 2018 the Committee will have the following goals:

- Launching the webpage with the Charter and other papers that will be developed by the Committee;

- Developing and open-publishing of the bilingual medical glossary;

- Developing and open-publishing of the updated bilingual list of all specialized scientific medical journal published in Russia;

- Developing and open-publishing of the updated bilingual list of all medical educational, research and clinical institutions in Russia;

- Developing and online open-publishing on the Council of Cardiology Journals webpage of the ongoing training on biomedical statistics;

- Creation, publishing and distribution of the leaflet on biomedical statistics.

The Committee will make a progress report on the Russian National Congress of Cardiology in Moscow (September 25-28, 2018).

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